baggage tag | high quality | What types of luggage tags are there
01 Jan

baggage tag | high quality | What types of luggage tags are there

With the development of the tourism industry in the world today, it has also led to the development of the "travel luggage tag" industry, and various luggage tag products have also been launched. Larger companies have their own brands. Of course, there are many different types of luggage tags on the market, so let me introduce some of the most representative ones.
Airplane travel luggage tag

  This kind of luggage tag is also the hottest selling at the moment, because airplane travel has the most users in the market. This kind of product is mostly rectangular in style, and the product has the pattern of the airplane. If you are When traveling abroad, the paper card on the back of the product will also be replaced with English letters.
Car travel luggage tag
  This type of luggage tag is usually relatively affordable. The company produces according to the characteristics of this group of people when it is produced. Most of the people who choose to travel by car are the low-end people. They may not be so rich. When choosing products, they will almost always try their best. Choose the cheaper one. As a result, this type of luggage tag has become popular in the industry.
Self-driving luggage tag
Autumn has just passed, and winter is coming. In this cold winter season, driving your own car to the north to experience the "ice and snow" climate is what most people desire. Luggage tags for self-driving travel are specially designed for this type of crowd.
How to choose a luggage tag that suits you
1. Buy according to the price range you can bear. Don’t underestimate this small product. It can be sold at a price of tens of thousands of dollars in luxury stores. You said you don’t need to buy this small product. Buy it for tens of thousands of dollars.
2. Purchase according to your own travel characteristics. If you are traveling by plane, you don't need to buy a luggage tag for self-driving travel, because different travel products are different, and there will be a label behind the product when you buy it.