sticker paper | High quality | What types of label paper are there?
01 Jan

sticker paper | High quality | What types of label paper are there?

The label paper includes: coated paper label; PET advanced label paper; PVC advanced label paper; thermal paper; clothing tag; synthetic paper.
The difference lies in the name of the paper, the material, and the scope of application, etc.
1. Coated paper label
It is a commonly used material for bar code printers, and its thickness is generally around 80g. It is widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tags, industrial production lines, etc. where there is a large amount of coated paper labels. Copperplate label paper has the best performance, and its white ultra-smooth uncoated paper is an excellent basic material for thermal transfer printing. Scope of application: outer box labels, price labels, asset management records, labels on the body of ordinary household appliances, etc.
2. PET advanced label paper
PET is the English abbreviation for polyester film, which is actually a polymer material. PET has good hardness and brittleness, and its common colors include sub-silver, sub-white and bright white. According to the thickness, there are 25 times (1 times = 1um), 50 times, 75 times and other specifications, which are related to the actual requirements of the manufacturer. Due to the excellent media properties of PET, it has good anti-fouling, anti-scratch, high temperature resistance and other properties, it is widely used in a variety of special occasions, such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air-conditioning compressors, etc. In addition, PET paper has good natural degradability, which has increasingly attracted the attention of manufacturers.
Three, PVC advanced label paper
PVC is the abbreviation of vinyl, it is also a kind of polymer material, common colors are sub-white and pearl white. The performance of PVC is similar to that of PET. It has better flexibility and soft feel than PET. It is often used in some high-end occasions such as jewelry, jewelry, clocks, electronics, metal industry and so on. However, PVC has poor degradability and has a negative impact on environmental protection. Some developed countries abroad have begun to develop alternative products in this regard.
Four, thermal paper
It is a paper material treated with a high-sensitivity heat-sensitive coating. The high-sensitivity surface material can be used for low-voltage print heads, so the abrasion of the print head is very small. Thermal paper is a kind of thermal paper used in electronic scales and cash registers. The easiest way to test thermal paper is to use your fingernail to scratch the paper, leaving a black scratch. Thermal paper is suitable for cold storage, freezer and other shelf signs, and its size is mostly fixed in the standard of 40mmX60mm.
Five, clothing tag
Double-sided coated paper is often used, and the thickness of coated paper used for clothing tags is generally between 160g-300g. However, clothing tags that are too thick are suitable for printing, while clothing tags printed with a barcode printer should be around 180g, so as to ensure good printing results and protect the print head. Scope of application: price tags for clothing, footwear, supermarkets and shopping malls.
Six, synthetic paper
Synthetic paper has the characteristics of high strength, tear resistance, perforation resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, moisture resistance, and insect resistance. Because synthetic paper does not generate dust or shed hair, it can be used in clean rooms. Can be in direct contact with food. It is waterproof, oil-proof, non-tearable, high temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, and can be classified into matte, ordinary gloss and bright gloss. Scope of application: electronics, home appliances, automobiles, chemical industries and other industries.