About heat transfer labels introduction

About heat transfer labels introduction

Heat transfer labels (also referred to as heat transfers or heat press labels) have revolutionized custom apparel and textile decoration. Using heat and pressure, these labels transfer vibrant and detailed designs onto various fabrics with vibrant imagery that stands the test of time. Heat transfer labels offer unparalleled versatility over traditional methods like embroidery or screen printing, enabling intricate designs with gradients or photographs to be accurately reproduced. Heat transfer labels have quickly become popular choices among businesses and individuals seeking high-quality garments and accessories customized with heat transfers for use within fashion, sports teams, promotional products or personalized merchandise. Their easy application, durability and wide array of design possibilities makes these heat transfer labels ideal.

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Zhejiang Lantai Paper Product Co., LTD covers an area of 8000 square meters, was founded in 2008, located in Pingyang Industrial Area, Wenzhou City. Our company has gone through years of development, producing airline boarding pass, airline baggage tags, paper straws, thermal shipping labels, packaging labels, carton labels, adhesive sticker, medical labels, wine labels, tickets, RFID tags and various of printer labels including Dymo, Brother, Zebra, IER and SATO.

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Heat transfer labels possess several notable attributes:

Heat transfer labels offer great versatility; they can be applied to fabrics such as cotton, polyester blends and synthetic materials.

Customizability: Customizable labels offer you the versatility of designing intricate patterns, gradients and reproduce photographs with vivid hues and crisp details.

Durability: Heat transfer labels are known for being highly durable and can withstand regular washing without fading or peeling off over time.

Easy Application: Heat presses or irons make them the ideal tool to quickly apply these tapes, providing convenient production solutions on both large- and small-scales scale.

Heat Transfer Labels Provide Soft, Comfortable Feel: When applied properly, heat transfer labels form an inconspicuous bond with fabric for an enjoyable wearing experience without jeopardizing overall garment quality.

Heat transfer labels tend to be cost-effective compared to traditional customization techniques such as embroidery, making them a top pick among businesses and individuals in search of high-quality yet budget-conscious customization solutions.

Heat Transfer Label Application Is Quick: Heat transfer label application can be completed quickly, making them ideal for projects or deadlines with tight turnaround times.

Design Replication: Heat transfer labels provide accurate design replication on each garment labeled with them for uniform appearance, maintaining brand integrity and visual appeal while upholding brand integrity and visual aesthetic.

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Good quality and low price, tear open the package after receiving it, it's very easy to use.


Affordable, easy to use, good quality, good stickiness, worth buying.


The quantity is large and it is very affordable. You can choose different sizes and specifications. The color on the label is very clear, brilliant, and not easy to fade. It can be used for marking in various occasions.


The effect is good, the sticker is relatively firm, the writing is better on it, the writing is also more convenient, clearer, intuitive, cost-effective, the price is relatively cheap, and the amount is relatively sufficient


Cheap, affordable, large quantity, strong paste, high gloss, very satisfied


A wide range of label paper, very good, good adhesion, no peculiar smell

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<p>Heat transfer labels are custom-designed labels that can be applied to fabrics using heat and pressure, creating vibrant images on clothing or textile products using vibrant designs.</p>

<p>Heat transfer labels can be applied by placing them onto fabric, covering them with protective sheets and applying heat via either an iron or heat press to activate their adhesive, securely bonding it to fabric</p>

<p>Yes, heat transfer labels are known for being long-wearing. Their design allows them to withstand regular washing and wear cycles while still offering vibrant colors and sharp details over time.</p>

<p>Heat transfer labels work well with many fabrics, such as cotton, polyester blends and some synthetics. For best results it is wise to review your label's specifications or conduct a test application application prior to choosing which fabric type.</p>

<p>Yes. One of the key advantages of heat transfer labels is their ability to accurately reproduce intricate designs, gradients and photos with high precision - this makes them a highly popular option when customizing apparel or accessories with detailed and attractive artwork.</p>

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