How to identify the quality of thermal labels paper?

1. Check the appearance. If the paper appears very white and has a low finish, there could be an issue with its protective coating and thermal coating. Too much phosphor may have been added, causing a good thermal paper to appear slightly green. 2. Roast on fire. Heat the back of the paper with fire to check its color after heating; brownish tints indicate there may be an issue with the heat-sensitive formula and

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How to create food and beverage OEM product packaging labels?

For entrusted production of medicine and food homology and new resource products represented by substitute tea, jelly candy, solid beverage, compressed candy, meal replacement powder, plant beverage, etc., the product label must clearly indicate the entrusting party and the processing factory In addition to the information provided, other food packaging labels information such as "ingredient list, specifications

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You don't know much about the boarding pass

A boarding pass is a document that grants permission to a passenger to board an airplane. It contains essential information about the flight, including the departure and arrival times, the flight number, the seat number, and the passenger's name. Without a boarding passBuy Boarding Passa,passenger cannot proceed through security and board the plane. The process of obtaining a boarding pass has evolved over the

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What are the components of the adhesive sticker paper?

1. Back coating or back printing Back coating is a protective coating on the back of the backing paper to prevent waste discharge, and the adhesive around the rewound label is bonded to the backing paper. Another role is to create multi-layer labels. The function of back printing is to print the manufacturer's registered trademark or pattern on the back of the backing paper, which plays the role of publicity a

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