About Label Paper Introduction

About Label Paper Introduction

Label paper, also known as self-adhesive paper or sticker paper, is a versatile type of paper that is widely used for labeling, packaging, and branding purposes. The paper is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that enables it to stick to various surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal, and paper. Label paper comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes, and can be customized with different designs, graphics, and text to suit specific labeling needs. The paper is commonly used in various industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and logistics, and is an essential tool for product identification, branding, and marketing.

Looking for reliable label paper for your business? Our high-quality label paper is your best choice.

We have many products, Top Quality Blank Self Adhesive Customized Size Thermal Adhesive Labels is one of our products.

Product Features:

  • Glossy White Multipurpose Heat Transfer Paper Labels - Permanent Rubber Based Adhesive.
  • High quality heat transfer paper label material.
  • Compatible with Zebra, Datamax, Sato and TSC thermal transfer printers. Not compatible with Brother or Dymo printers.

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Zhejiang Lantai Paper Product Co., LTD

Zhejiang Lantai Paper Product Co., LTD covers an area of 8000 square meters, was founded in 2008, located in Pingyang Industrial Area, Wenzhou City. Our company has gone through years of development, producing airline boarding pass, airline baggage tags, paper straws, thermal shipping labels, packaging labels, carton labels, adhesive sticker, medical labels, wine labels, tickets, RFID tags and various of printer labels including Dymo, Brother, Zebra, IER and SATO.

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Label stock may not be the most glamorous item in your business tool kit, but it plays a vital role in product presentation, organization and branding. With the right label stock, you can enhance the professional look and feel of your products, streamline your workflow, and impress your customers.

One of the most notable benefits of using high-quality label paper is that it allows for crisp, vibrant prints, which is essential for creating eye-catching labels that stand out on store shelves or in online marketplaces. Customers are often attracted to products with clear and attractive labels, and by investing in the right label stock, you can help your products catch their eye and stand out from the competition.

In addition to facilitating product presentation, label stock improves organization and workflow. By using labels to sort and identify products, you can save time and minimize errors in the inventory and ordering process. Additionally, labels help ensure products are stored and shipped correctly, reducing the risk of damage or mix-ups.

Label stock can be an important tool in branding and marketing your business. By creating consistent and professional-looking labels, you can build brand recognition and loyalty, and create a cohesive brand identity across all your products. Whether you sell online or in person, having consistent and high-quality labels can help your business look polished and professional.

Label stock may seem like a small detail, but it can have a big impact on your business success. By investing in high-quality label paper, you can enhance your product presentation, streamline your workflow and build your brand image, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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Good quality and low price, tear open the package after receiving it, it's very easy to use.


Affordable, easy to use, good quality, good stickiness, worth buying.


The quantity is large and it is very affordable. You can choose different sizes and specifications. The color on the label is very clear, brilliant, and not easy to fade. It can be used for marking in various occasions.


The effect is good, the sticker is relatively firm, the writing is better on it, the writing is also more convenient, clearer, intuitive, cost-effective, the price is relatively cheap, and the amount is relatively sufficient


Cheap, affordable, large quantity, strong paste, high gloss, very satisfied


A wide range of label paper, very good, good adhesion, no peculiar smell

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The MOQ is depends on the size. Usually mass production need at least 1000 sqm material.

The material can be thermal paper,thermal transfer paper,synthetic paper woodfree paper,etc, with strong adhesive.

Microcomputer protection is actually the relay protection that controls the action of the circuit breaker by calculating the sampled value by the processor. Sampling is to obtain timely data through HOP or HCT. Sampling frequency and period refer to how many times the sampling value is taken in a certain period of time (usually seconds), and how often it is collected once.The lead time is 7-15days depends on the qty.

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