About Brother Compatible Label Introduction

About Brother Compatible Label Introduction

Brother Compatible Labels are high-grade adhesive labels specifically crafted to work perfectly with Brother label printers. These labels provide an efficient and professional solution for labeling needs ranging from filing cabinets and containers, to creating mailing and shipping labels and more. Brother Compatible Labels come in an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors so users can select one best suited to their particular requirements. Brother Compatible Labels feature sturdy construction and strong adhesive backing to provide long-term adhesion on various surfaces such as paper, plastic or metal - perfect for home, office and industrial usage alike! Relying on reliable performance with superior print quality make Brother Compatible Labels an appealing solution both individuals and businesses.

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Zhejiang Lantai Paper Product Co., LTD covers an area of 8000 square meters, was founded in 2008, located in Pingyang Industrial Area, Wenzhou City. Our company has gone through years of development, producing airline boarding pass, airline baggage tags, paper straws, thermal shipping labels, packaging labels, carton labels, adhesive sticker, medical labels, wine labels, tickets, RFID tags and various of printer labels including Dymo, Brother, Zebra, IER and SATO.

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Brother Compatible Labels have several notable characteristics. Here are just a few highlights:

High Quality Labels: These high quality labels are constructed using top materials for optimal print quality and long term use.

Compatibility: Brother Compatible Labels have been specially engineered to work flawlessly with Brother label printers, providing seamless printing and optimal performance.

Versatility: Sticker labels offer great versatility when it comes to organizing files, labeling containers, creating mailing and shipping labels and more.

Strong Adhesive: Brother Compatible Labels feature a strong adhesive backing to provide reliable adhesion on various surfaces such as paper, plastic and metal.

Easy to Apply: These labels make labeling tasks quick and efficient, offering quick peel and stick solutions for labeling tasks of all sorts.

Brother Compatible Labels offer an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors to meet various labeling needs and personal tastes.

Professional Results: Brother Compatible Labels provide professional results through their high-quality printing capabilities, making your labeling projects look their best and helping organize everything nicely.

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Good quality and low price, tear open the package after receiving it, it's very easy to use.


Affordable, easy to use, good quality, good stickiness, worth buying.


The quantity is large and it is very affordable. You can choose different sizes and specifications. The color on the label is very clear, brilliant, and not easy to fade. It can be used for marking in various occasions.


The effect is good, the sticker is relatively firm, the writing is better on it, the writing is also more convenient, clearer, intuitive, cost-effective, the price is relatively cheap, and the amount is relatively sufficient


Cheap, affordable, large quantity, strong paste, high gloss, very satisfied


A wide range of label paper, very good, good adhesion, no peculiar smell

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<p>Brother Compatible Labels have been specifically engineered to function perfectly with all models of Brother label printers.</p>

<p>Brother Compatible Labels have been carefully constructed with user convenience in mind; featuring an easy peel backing with strong adhesive properties for effortless application on various surfaces.</p>

<p>Brother Compatible Labels provide you with plenty of choices, offering various sizes, shapes, and hues so that you can select the ideal label to meet your labeling needs.</p>

<p>Yes, Brother Compatible Labels are durable enough for indoor and outdoor use and boast long-term adhesion on various surfaces.</p>

<p>Yes, Brother Compatible Labels can adhere securely on a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic and even metal. With reliable adhesion on different surfaces.</p>

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