shipping labels | What is the development level of the label industry
01 Jan

shipping labels | What is the development level of the label industry

The label industry has entered a period of steady growth in Europe and the United States. In North America and Europe, self-adhesive labels have accounted for about 50% of the entire label market share, and wet-adhesive labels have gradually shown a downward trend; the proportion of film materials has increased, which is related to the large-scale use of labeling machines and the strength of flexographic printing. Big relationship. In addition, the growth rate of in-mold labels and shrink film wrap labels exceeded 5%. Among them, shrink film sleeves grew by 14% in North America in 2006, becoming the biggest bright spot in the label industry. In addition, there are more film materials in self-adhesive labels. Use, these all put forward higher requirements for printing equipment.
  Furthermore, some new markets are developing, such as the transparent beer label market that has just started in my country. From the perspective of international label printing adoption of new technologies and development trends, the new label varieties are mainly smart labels (RadioFrequency Identification, RFID), in-mould labels (In-mouldlabel), heat-shrink label (heat-shrinklabel), digital Label printing technology (digitallabelprinting).
  The label market in my country is still in the development stage. Due to the particularity of the Chinese market, the label field is still in a state of “heavy at both ends and light in the middle”. Market. The high-end, high-profit label market is still in its infancy. For example, the plastic film substrates of self-adhesive labels and in-mold labels are extremely versatile, covering daily chemicals, home appliances, toys, batteries, oil products, tires, and automobiles. Industry and other fields.
  RFID label and digital label printing technology are not yet widespread. According to statistics, the per capita annual consumption of self-adhesive labels in developed countries in Europe and America is generally 15 square meters, while the current per capita annual consumption in China is less than 2 square meters. At present, the consumption of labels in China is only 50 million square meters, which is less than 10% of the entire self-adhesive market share and far less than 30% of developed countries. But it can also be seen from this that there is still considerable room for development in the label printing market.