sticker paper | What are the materials of common label paper
01 Jan

sticker paper | What are the materials of common label paper

Self-adhesive label paper, modern self-adhesive label is made of paper, film and other materials as the fabric, the back is coated with an adhesive, and the silicon protective paper is used as the base paper. After printing, die cutting and other processes, it becomes a finished label. . At present, relying on cost advantages, paper-based adhesive labels still dominate the adhesive label market. However, as downstream application fields have increasingly strict requirements on the appearance and performance of self-adhesive labels, film self-adhesive labels have been used as a substitute for paper self-adhesive labels due to their excellent characteristics and are widely used in food Beverages, daily chemicals, medicines and health products, etc. In the future, with the deepening of consumption transformation and upgrading, as well as the decline in the cost of film-based adhesive labels brought about by technological innovation and large-scale production, the market share of film-based adhesive labels will further increase.

There are 6 common materials in the market:
1. Thermal sticker paper
Thermal adhesive label paper is made of thermal paper through processing, which can be directly printed by thermal printer, which is convenient and quick to use and has a wide range of applications.

2. Copperplate sticker paper
Copperplate sticker paper is a kind of multi-color product label paper, which needs to be printed with ribbon and has a wide range of applications.

3. Thermal synthetic label paper
The same is the label paper made by processing and synthesizing thermal label paper. This paper has the function of "tear-proof" and can be printed with a thermal printer or ribbon.
4. Writing on self-adhesive label paper
Multi-purpose label paper, used for information labels, barcode printing labels, especially suitable for high-speed laser printing, and also suitable for inkjet printing.
5. Water-soluble self-adhesive label paper
As its name suggests, paper will dissolve in water, and glue and facial paper are made of starch.
6. Removable label paper
Within the specified time, you can paste it again after tearing it off.

Self-adhesive label paper is a very common and practical advertising label; the above six kinds of insights are more widely used in life than others. If you need to buy customized label materials, you can generally customize them according to your needs.