baggage tag | What are the main materials of common luggage tags
01 Jan

baggage tag | What are the main materials of common luggage tags

PU luggage tag
     This type of luggage tag is also very common in the market. However, judging from the current situation, the appearance of PVC-based products has a great impact on the material products, making the sales of such products on the market worse and worse. Most of these luggage tags are made of PU material. The advantage is that it can be processed into various styles, but the disadvantage is that the service life is relatively short. Just like the bags and shoes that everyone buys, if you wear them for a long time, the surface will age, and they will not look exquisite and beautiful. It is reported that a large number of domestic wholesale luggage tags no longer regard them as the main product, and even gradually cancel the purchase of this product.
ABS luggage tag
     As we all know, many suitcases are made of ABS material, and so are luggage tags. It is a special material with high bearing capacity and elastic coefficient. However, compared with PVC material, the performance is still not very outstanding. For example, the extrusion of heavy objects will cause deformation of the material. But the PVC material is different, and the PVC material will never be deformed. At present, the products are still on sale in the market, and the sales volume is pretty good. Some luggage manufacturers will specially equip ABS luggage tags. However, as a decoration, ABS is not enough.
Metal luggage tag
      Just as there are still metal keychains on the market, there are also such products. The advantage of these metal luggage tags is that they are highly durable, basically they will never be deformed, and the metal feel is particularly mature. However, unlike PVC, this type of product will not deform. The body will feel uncomfortable when squeezed in the pocket. This is not the case with PVC luggage tags. It has high deformability, so it will be very comfortable.